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ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH The gatherings are deprived of WATSAN services from UNRWA and Lebanese municipalities, so PARD had to step in to cover the gaps offering many services.
Areas of focus (Entities)

environmental health, access to safe water supply, disposal of solid waste, garbage collection, vector control, infrastructure development, environmental health hazards control and health education.

After participating in the mammography and Pap smear examination campaign, I discovered that I have a problem and I was treated, and I have the Popular Aid for Relief and Development to thank for that.

- Nijmi Chemali , A beneficiary in Bourghliyye gathering in the south

I’m thankful for the Popular Aid for Relief and Development for the services it provides in the Sikkeh gathering, including a women's clinic, mammography tests, and Pap smear examination, in addition to medical guidance.

- Sabrin Al Bakir , A beneficiary in Sikkeh gathering in the south

I thank the Popular Aid for Relief and Development, it’s an organization that is feeling people’s suffering, and providing services of high importance. Every family needs the items found in the food kits distributed by PARD

- Renee Brayteh , A beneficiary in Naba’a area in Beirut

This program targets the communities living in the gatherings in general.


the community in general.


24 and above


from 7 -18 years old

Environmental Health Services, Awareness and Training

Program Activities

Distribution of rodenticides, anti-lice shampoo, and anti-scabies lotion
Maintenance of water and chlorine pumps, sewage and water networks
Environmental Health Services, Awareness and Training