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Principles & Values

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PARD believes all human beings have the same universal rights. These rights should guarantee freedom, justice, and equality to everybody. All individuals should have an equal opportunity to exercise the privileges of citizenship, freedom of speech, press, religion and to participate fully in civil life, regardless of race, religion, sex, or other characteristics irrelevant to the true value of each individual.


PARD believes that women should enjoy equal political, civil and social rights under equal circumstances that would lead to equal opportunities and capabilities. We believe that all society members and women in particular should be empowered to participate in the decision-making and implementation of issues that affect their lives.


PARD believes that all individuals and groups have the right to participate in the processes that define their lives. All individuals should have the chance to participate meaningfully in the making of decisions that influence their lives and the lives of their families. PARD believes that the organizations’ stakeholders and constituencies are integral and full partners of the planning, action and learning processes that PARD takes on


PARD perceives transparency as a reflection for openness and clarity on crucial issues such as decision making mechanisms, operations, finance and relations. We think of accountability as an expectation to the responsibility and commitment towards PARD’s mission, values and promised quality performance.


PARD is committed to all relevant international agreements and conventions on human rights, such as CEDAW, CRC, Beijing declaration and the Alma-Ata Declaration as well. PARD also believes in its role as an active participant that aims to contribute to the accomplishment of the Millennium Development Goals

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PARD believes that in addition to providing relief and support to the Palestinian refugees at times of disaster, there is a great need to provide environmental, health and social services to the marginalized and vulnerable groups in the Palestinian camps and gatherings in Lebanon at times of stability as well. These services are extremely crucial to the refugees’ wellbeing and substantially contribute to building their resilience and ability to participate meaningfully in their communities.

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Geographical distribution

PARD 2020 - 2021 STRATEGY

PARD adopted a participatory approach to develop its new strategy for 2019-2021 by adhering itself to the Millennium Development Goals which includes the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger by supporting small local projects


Achieving universal primary education by providing remedial lessons to students, combat illiteracy and vocational trainings

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Promote gender equality and empowerment of women through the formation of women's committees, Improve maternal health through the mother and child health program, Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases through health education for prevention

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environmental sustainability by providing environmental health programs

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and Developing a global partnership for development: through networking with local and international NGOs and UN agencies.

After participating in the mammography and Pap smear examination campaign, I discovered that I have a problem and I was treated, and I have the Popular Aid for Relief and Development to thank for that.

- Nijmi Chemali , A beneficiary in Bourghliyye gathering in the south

I’m thankful for the Popular Aid for Relief and Development for the services it provides in the Sikkeh gathering, including a women's clinic, mammography tests, and Pap smear examination, in addition to medical guidance.

- Sabrin Al Bakir , A beneficiary in Sikkeh gathering in the south

I thank the Popular Aid for Relief and Development, it’s an organization that is feeling people’s suffering, and providing services of high importance. Every family needs the items found in the food kits distributed by PARD

- Renee Brayteh , A beneficiary in Naba’a area in Beirut


The Popular Aid for Relief and Development is a nonprofit, grass-roots, rights based NGO that aims to promote gender justice and the right of marginalized and vulnerable groups, especially in the Palestinian gatherings, to access social, health and environmental services

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The Popular Aid for Relief and Development is a nonprofit, grass-roots, rights based NGO

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PARD aim that Refugees in Lebanon enjoy civil and social rights and gender justice

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pard mission and vision

Mission & Vision

PARD believes that women should enjoy equal political, civil and social rights under equal circumstances

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