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Psychological Support Activities Plays Key Role after Beirut’s Port Explosion

The deadly explosion that ripped through Beirut’s port, on August 4 left many psychological repercussions on children’s mental health.

The three year old Mahmoud witnessed the wall of his bedroom collapse while the glass shattered all over his bed at the moment of the explosion. Mahmoud lives in small house in Karantina among two families of eight individuals in the same house. Fortunately he was in the lobby and didn’t get hurt, but the trauma resulted by such scene left him unable to leave his parent’s room for days.

PARD provided Mahmoud with the psychological aid that he needs in order to calm down post-traumatic stress caused by the explosion. PARD conducted home therapy visits over three days. The visits included art therapy activities by drawing, music therapy, scream therapy, and rhythm activities that included his family and friends. In addition to distributing candy, and toys in places near to his room. The psychologist also gave many recommendations to Mahmoud’s mother like adjusting the lighting in his room.

After providing Mahmoud with the essential psychological support needed, we were able to tackle down his shock, fear, and stress. By the end of three days, he was able to get out of the house, engage with his family and friends as normal again, with later home visits and psychological follow ups to be conducted in the future.

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