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Ethics & Compliance

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Data Protection Statement

PARD is responsible for collecting, keeping, processing, and using data responsibly under its commitment to the GDRP. This is vitally important for candidates applying for jobs, working for/with the organization, donating money or resources to the organization, and are beneficiaries at PARD. PARD partakes in a Data Management System that is reviewed at least annually, to ensure its processing of data is lawful, fair, and transparent. Personal data are adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary, and can be shared only on a need-to-know basis for a specific purpose to target assistance and/or protection, provided the consent of the individual is given, and appropriate security is in place to avoid unauthorized sharing of information. When personal data is deleted this should be done safely such that the data is irrecoverable.  All personal information stored shall be deleted 2 years after the completion of the project.

In case of breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, personal data, PARD shall promptly assess the risk to people’s rights and freedoms and if appropriate report this breach to the person in charge. Reporting of knowledge or suspicions of breaching the policy by a colleague is mandatory. Reports are to be handled confidentially and whistle-blowers will be protected from retaliation under PARD’s Whistle-Blower Protection Policy

After participating in the mammography and Pap smear examination campaign, I discovered that I have a problem and I was treated, and I have the Popular Aid for Relief and Development to thank for that.

- Nijmi Chemali , A beneficiary in Bourghliyye gathering in the south

I’m thankful for the Popular Aid for Relief and Development for the services it provides in the Sikkeh gathering, including a women's clinic, mammography tests, and Pap smear examination, in addition to medical guidance.

- Sabrin Al Bakir , A beneficiary in Sikkeh gathering in the south

I thank the Popular Aid for Relief and Development, it’s an organization that is feeling people’s suffering, and providing services of high importance. Every family needs the items found in the food kits distributed by PARD

- Renee Brayteh , A beneficiary in Naba’a area in Beirut

Preventing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Statement (PSEA)

Zero-tolerance policy for any exploitation

PARD has a zero-tolerance policy for any exploitation, abuse, and harassment in both the workplace and the communities it serves. PARD is also committed to protecting the vulnerable communities it serves from such threats as well as protecting its working staff.

Working hours

This declaration applies to all PARD employees, whether full-timers, part-timers, or contractual employees. This policy applies during and outside the working hours, and in all aspects of a staff member's life. Including (but not limited to) PARD representatives, consultants, interns, volunteers, contractors/suppliers/vendors, partner stakeholders, and other personnel or organizations involved in any form of procedure or agreement are subject to this policy and are expected to comply with it. Compliance and commitment to the terms are to be evidenced through the signature of the policy

Protecting its beneficiaries

PARD is committed to protecting its beneficiaries and staff from SEA by adhering to the principles of awareness, prevention, reporting, and responding.


Any proven violation of any of PARD’s PSEA standards will be considered a breach of the policy as a whole and will lead to disciplinary measures

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Anyone can file a complaint/concern even if they have no proof other than their own experience, knowing that sexual harassment, exploitation, and abuse make evidence difficult to be supported. Any person who suspects a breach of the PSEA policy should report the matter