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Human Rights & Social Justice


PARD believes all human beings have and thus should enjoy the same universal rights. These rights should guarantee freedom, justice, and equality to everybody. All individuals should have an equal opportunity to exercise the privileges of citizenship, freedom of speech, press, religion and otherwise to participate fully in national life, regardless of race, sex, or other characteristics unrelated to the value of the individual.




PARD believes that all individuals and groups have the right to participate in processes that define their lives. All individual should have the chance to participate meaningfully in the making of decisions that influence their lives and the lives of their families.

PARD believes that the organizations stakeholders and constituencies are integral are full partners of the planning, action and learning processes that PARD takes on.


Accountability and Transparency


PARD perceives transparency as a reflection for openness and clarity on crucial issues such as decision making mechanisms, operations, finance, and relations.

We think of accountability as an expectation to responsibility and to the commitment towards PARD’s mission, values and quality performance.




PARD believes that women should enjoy equal political and social rights under equal circumstances that would lead to equal opportunities and capabilities. We believe that all society members and women, in particular, should be empowered to participate in the decision making and the implementation of all issues that affect their lives.


Value of international agreements


PARD is committed to all relevant international agreements and conventions on human rights, child and mother’s rights, disabled, environment and the Alma-Ata Declaration in particular. PARD also believes in its role as an active participant that aims to contribute to the accomplishment of the Millennium Development Goals.




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