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Friday, 28 April 2017 22:35

Kindergartens in Tyre & Wadi el Zeineh


In 2016, PRD has established two kindergartens in Wadi al Zeineh and Tyre for refugee children from Syria.

Refugee children from Syria of school age six years and up join either UNRWA schools (PRS) or public Lebanese schools (Syrian).18197202 10154378604870776 203052232 n

Some local NGOs accommodated refugee children ages from three to five, but many remain unrolled.

Accordingly, in response to this need an in addition to Daouk kindergarten in Beirut, PRD established two kindergartens

in Wadi al Zeineh and Tyre to accommodate the vulnerable refugee children who are unrolled into institutions.

All the kindergartens have three levels of education, KG1 for 3 years old, KG2 for 4 years old, and KG3 for five years old children.

In some KGs, more than one class was opened for the same level to accommodate the children.

 All the teachers and assistants teachers are trained by PARD or other NGOs on issues related to the teaching and caring of the children.

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Wednesday, 04 February 2015 23:44

Kindergarten for Refugee children from Syria

Kindergarten for Refugee children from Syria


Refugee children from Syria of school age (6 years and up) joined either UNRWA schools (PRS) or public Lebanese schools (Syrian). Moreover,

some NGOs took in some of the refugee children

(aged from 4 to 6 years),but many of them were

not accommodated.



In Beirut, PARD targeted 70 children (aged 4 to 6 years) through establishing a kindergarten for them.

This kindergarten is divided into 3 grades (KG1 for 4 years, KG2 for 5 years, KG3 for 6 years).


A team of 3 teachers, 3 teacher assistants, 1 coordinator,

1 psychosocial assistant, and a cleaning lady operate this KG.

The KG started in October 2012 till June 2013.

In July- August 2013, the same children joined

summer activities organized by PARD. The same

project restarted in September 2013 and will continue

until June 2014.


In addition to the activities in the KG, 65 children aged

from 7 till 12 years attended education support and

extra curriculum activities 5 days per week in the afternoons.


Besides, 6 puppet shows were conducted for the benefit of 120 attending children.

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Thursday, 14 June 2012 14:16

Community Mobilization

On the 22nd of March 2011 which coincides with the international day for water, members of the local communities in the gatherings of the South were invited to a meeting as a general mobilization for the campaign on water, and to identify individual and public responsibilities towards preservation, consumption and sterilization of water.


Attendees include 7 representatives of the popular committees (local governing of the gatherings), 4 representatives of the local women committees (trained on empowerment by PARD) and 4 of PARD’s community health workers (2 of them acted as trainers).


The subjects presented and discussed were:

  • Importance of water towards life in general & humans in particular
  • Relationship between water & health (water borne diseases)
  • Activities of PARD in the gatherings related to preservation of water: solid waste collection & suction of percolating pits (septic tanks)


The attendees were informed about the workshop which will benefit the local water caretakers and other volunteers concerning water preservation. They were also informed about the children activities related to water to be implemented during the school spring vacation.


Methodology used in the workshop included presentation, open dialogue, and distribution of brochures.

Mobilization for the water campaign included a meeting with the head representative of all the popular committees in the gatherings. The project (water preservation) was explained to him and he was asked, together with the other members of the popular committees to act as observers and monitors for water chlorination in the gatherings. They should help PARD in making sure that the local water caretakers add the proper quantities of chlorine regularly to the water sources in their gatherings.




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