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Organizational Development
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  1. nObjectives of Strategy Three

Enhance PARD’s governing bodies’ roles and functions

Improve the organizational structures and procedures

Increase the organizational performance and effectiveness

Empower, delegate and motivate staff members

Develop emergency preparedness and response mechanism and skills within the organization

  1. nComponents and Action Course

The third strategy will mainly target improving the effectiveness of the organization and achieving attitude and behavior change. Nevertheless it will substantially contribute into the success of the first two strategies as well as to the image of the organization and its fundraising efforts. 

PARD will focus its organization development plan on the following four core elements:

a) Governing Bodies;

b) Strategic Human Resource Management;

c) Emergency Preparedness and Response and

d) Organizational structure.

PARD’s board members have become functional through regular meetings to overview developments and try to find solutions, especially on issues such as fundraising. Many suggestions to overcome the problem of expected diminishing in financial supports have been put into action without affecting core programs and important activities (some details are mentioned in the previous literature describing activities).

Moreover, changes took place in the membership of the board during 2011 to ensure maximum efficiency and best support towards reaching the objectives of PARD. Many of the recommendations in the document “Statues, bylaws, policies, procedures and forums”, prepared were taken into consideration. The application of this document allowed the administrative board to act as a collective governing body and to resolve any conflict between the board and the management of PARD.

The highest governing body in PARD met on the 16th of August 2010. They discussed the annual progress report and financial report. Moreover, they elected a new administrative board including two old members and three new ones. The new board mandate ends after two years. This new board should steer PARD towards better performance for the benefit of the Palestinian refugees and poor Lebanese in the gatherings.

The old board met with 80% of PARD’s employees to listen to their suggestions on how to improve the situation at PARD. They came up with a list of recommendations to be discussed and implemented by the new administrative board.

Moreover, the new board plans to go ahead with the organizational development plan which includes:

-          Complete the financial procedures document

-          Develop the document on emergency preparedness and response

-          Develop a comprehensive volunteer strategy

-          Put together a new strategic plan 2012- 2014

In 2010, PARD achieved the completion of a document related to its statues, bylaws, policies, procedures and forms. This document was prepared by an experienced external consultant and approved by the Administrative Board. Some changes were introduced into the document to better cater for the needs of the workers in PARD. For example, the Lebanese law of labor states that women have the right to seven days per year to rest during menstruation. PARD’s by law allows the women twelve days instead of seven.

Each staff member has a copy of this manual and should consequently be able to use it as a guidebook when relevant situations and policies emerge. The manual as such promotes fair and equitable interpretations of processes and measures that require action either once or even on a regular basis. The policies written in this manual are upheld by all governing bodies and uniformly administered without any favoritism or bias.

As for qualified staff, we currently have qualified and experienced staff covering all positions especially key positions (example: Project Coordinators, procurement Coordinator, HR Coordinator), with clear job descriptions.

As for a systematic knowledge management system, we use both software and hardware systems.


Software programs include: financial software which has been upgraded, procurement software used for stock control, Health software installed in the clinics (still being tested).

The financial software is shared between the financial department in Beirut and the financial department in Saida.

The computers of the main office are connected through a network to facilitate sharing information and documents between the employees.


Health Educators, Women committees, literacy teachers, children activities animators, water caretakers, remedial lessons teachers, and first aiders, workers in solid waste collection, nurses, and midwives raise their reports and data collected from the local community to the Coordinators of the following programs: Mother & child care program, Environmental health program, youth & child development program, women empowerment & reproductive health program. Those coordinators raise their reports to the NGO director who in turn reports to the Administrative board quarterly.

The reports are shared by the popular committees, women committees and future youth committees.  Also for examples, water tests results are disseminated to get the communities involved.

Types of hardware documents: reports, schedules, pictures, monitoring tools, clippings of newspapers, and others. In addition to a data base including documents about Palestinians rights, situation all over the world, situation in Lebanon, about our target groups, health and environmental health studies, social studies, etc.

The financial procedures document has been prepared and discussed. Its final version will be approved and put into action at the beginning of 2012. Previously, PARD’s financial procedures existed in the shape of forms and the print outs of the financial software program. Now we have a comprehensive document including everything. We hope to translate it to English in 2012, and send Novib a copy.

All the preliminary steps have been implemented in 2011 for the document on emergency preparedness and response. The workshop for this document will take place in the first quarter of 2012. The final document (in English) will be circulated.

A new strategic plan 2012 – 2014 should be prepared during 2012. Searching for funders for the workshop and document for a comprehensive volunteer strategy is in process.

Moreover, an agreement has been reached with another partner, solidaridal International of Spain, to sponsor a Gender Audit for PARD during May 2012. 

Moreover, in 2011 PARD prepared the layouts for our own contingency plan. This contingency plan would identify possible risks and probable breakdowns in the flow and norms of the organization’s environment or its own activities, and alternatively propose strategies that would make it possible to overcome those breakdowns and continue the function of PARD or take other alternatives at one given scenario or another. The plan would allow PARD to respond quickly and adapt to changing circumstances and maintain a specific level of agreed-upon functionality at one hand, and on the other prioritize on the kind of emergency response and interventions that PARD wishes to adopt at such a time. 




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