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Friday, 20 July 2012 15:08


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Volunteers are extremely crucial to PARD. Not only are they donors donating time, energy and relations (current and future), but they also play a critical role in the fundraising plans of any successful organization.


Moreover, volunteers reflect the true ability of the organization to link with its local community, its visibility, values, reputation and a result- oriented track record.


Because of their importance, PARD plans to target volunteers through a plan that includes the following components: 


-                  Developing a comprehensive volunteer strategy that is aimed at recruiting, retaining and developing volunteers.

-                  Developing a rationale and a set of goals for the volunteers in addition to developing practical ways to organizing and managing the volunteer teams.

-                  Recruiting/ appointing a Volunteer Coordinator who will be in charge of implementing the volunteer strategy and identifying champions/leaders from among the community who would positively influence their peers and groups. 



PARD could not achieve the preparation of a document on the “Strategy for working with Volunteers” in 2010. But due to the continuous need to do so, PARD will put extra efforts to achieve this aim in 2012

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