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Thursday, 14 June 2012 12:54

Interventions of Environmental Health Program

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The interventions of the Environmental Health Program are:


  1. Water Supply: includes the following activities:
  • Maintenance of water network, wells and reservoirs
  • Water Network installations
  • Water control and testing
  • Training local water caretakers
  • Raising awareness on water issues
  • Pumping out wastewater, cleaning manholes, maintenance of waste water network


  1. Solid waste management: this project includes the following activities:
  • Regular solid waste collection at the household level. About 13990 m3 (4941 tons) of domestic wastes were collected from Shatila camp in Beirut and 3055 m3 (1079 tons) from eight south gatherings near Tyre.
  • Cleaning of public zones
  • Composting

About 29425 people benefited from this project.


  1. Rodent & vector control: this activity aims at controlling the numbers of harmful insects and rodents carrying diseases and spreading them. In the year 2011, about 85950 m3 of insecticides were sprayed during the campaign spreading from mid May till the end of August in 10 gatherings in the South, 3 gatherings in Beirut, in addition to shatila camp. Moreover, 306 anti-lice shampoo bottles were distributed to combat head lice, together with proper instructions.

Spraying of insecticides campaigns are implemented with the active participation of women and youth committees, members in the popular committees and local children. They participate in spreading information on the spraying of pesticides campaign, when, where and how. They also notify the mosque sheiks for them to announce the campaigns, recruit the community (women, youth & children) in implementation and spread the information about precautions measures. Cleaning campaigns usually precede pesticides campaigns.

Moreover, 3502 bags of rodenticides were distributed in the South and Beirut gatherings.

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