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Wednesday, 11 July 2012 13:14

Training and services of Ambulance

In July 2007 PARD acquired funding from Stavenger Katedralskole to purchase a van and convert it to an ambulance. The van was purchased, converted and then equipped with all materials and equipment needed for emergency situations.


The ambulance is fundamental for the safe transfer of the patients to the hospitals. Before 2007, the first aid teams reported many cases which were transferred in cars perilously to the hospitals due to the lack of response from the Civil Defense and the Lebanese Red Cross to the cases in the Palestinian camps and gatherings. Currently, many people benefit from the services provided by the first aid team of Beirut, who is ready with an equipped ambulance. PARD also has an intention to purchase a new ambulance to be used within the southern Palestinian gatherings as the need there is also very high.


A crew of eight first aid team members (6 males and 2 females) in the south was fully trained on how to use ambulance equipments and how to treat the cases transported to the hospital in the vehicle (together with the previous trainings a team of 29 first aiders are now able to use the ambulance).


The driver is a full time employee who is also a trained first aider. There is a group of four first aiders available with the ambulance from 17:00 PM to 17:00 AM each day; besides, the team covers a lot of critical cases during the daytime.


The team is available on call via telephone number distributed among the people living in the gatherings of Beirut, in addition to Shatila Camp. 687 cases were safely transferred to the hospitals during the year 2011.


In comparison to 2009 figures, there is a decrease of around 40% in the number of cases transported by the ambulance in Beirut (1101 cases in 2009). The decrease is due to the stoppage of transporting dead bodies in the ambulance. The team noticed that it takes too much time to sterilize the ambulance following the transportation of dead body. Giving the priority to the emergency cases the team with coordination with the PARD management decided to stop transporting dead bodies.


Wednesday, 11 July 2012 13:10

Training on Advanced First Aid

  1. a)




October 2011

CDC in Beirut

25 youth (males)

December 2011

Shabriha Gathering

16 youth (males)





41 youth (males) received advanced first aid training in 2011.


In comparison to 2010 figures, the total number of participants in the Advanced First Aid training was 31 which mean that there was an increase by about 33% during 2011.



Advanced First aid Training includes the follows:


-          Examination and treatment of a trauma patient, including airway management, use of oxygen and ambo-bag, use of neck- collar and backboard, and basic first aid for chest and abdominal and pelvic injuries.

-          Acute illness, including asthma, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, and   epilepsy.

-          Signs, symptoms, and treatment of the most important poisonings.

-          Basic knowledge about fire-safety and management.


Instructions have been based on causes, signs, symptoms, and treatment, including practical training.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012 13:02

Training on Basic First Aid

As a result, 214 youth (138 males, 76 females), 28 women and 13 children received Basic First aid training during 2011. This includes the Palestinian gatherings both in Beirut and the South in addition to the Vocational Training Centers of NPA in Beirut and Saida.


Basic First aid training includes the follows: Introduction to first aid - CPR-Recovery position – Injuries and Bleeding – Poisoning – Burns – Fractures – Suffocation – Safety and first aider behaviors.


The team in Beirut first aid team (25 youth) received training on Fire Fighting. The training was conducted by the specialized training unit of the civil defense 


The number of participants in the Basic First Aid trainings slightly increased by about 6% during the year 2011 (201 participants in 2010). 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012 12:55

The First Aid Project

This project started in 1998 in coordination with the Norwegian People’s Aid. The coordination included training, exchange visits and support, both financial and in-kind.


Since NPA trained local trainers (TOT), PARD has been doing its own training for new youth groups who wished to join first aid teams.


The first center for first aid was founded in Shabriha in 2003, followed by the establishment of Beirut center in 2005. In 2007, PARD established a new center for the Burghuliyeh gathering. Moreover, new centers were established in Wasta, Kfar Badda and Qasmiyeh in 2009. It’s notable that the first aid teams were formed and practiced services before the centers were founded, as many of the first aiders were treating cases using first aid materials provided by PARD and kept at their houses.


Currently, the teams conduct the following activities: self- training including refreshment courses, training of youth from local communities, participation in PARD’s campaigns (vaccination, awareness, cleaning campaigns, spraying insecticides and others), provide first aid services to the communities, fire fighting and support activities in national and international occasions, beside their participation in the health education sessions and other capacity building activities.


The First Aid teams usually meet separately on weekly basis. Assignments and responsibilities in the teams are shared and divided among all the team members.



Currently, there are 6 first aid teams working in the Palestinian gatherings in the south and 1 in Beirut:


  • Beirut team                            : 25 first aiders
  • Shabriha team        : 20 first aiders
  • Burghuliyeh team  : 10 first aiders
  • Qasmiyeh team                      : 15 first aiders
  • Kfar Badda team    :  9  first aiders
  • Wasta team                            :  8 first aiders
  • Totals                                    :  87 first aiders



  1. a)At the operational level, the seven first aid teams conducted the following services at their centers:







kfad badda

Type of services






















Blood pressure monitoring







Diabetes Test







Transfer to the hospital







Other (Poisoning, Needles, etc...)
































The services are vital for the communities who live in the gatherings located in rural areas some of which are 20 km or more away from cities, where emergency centers or hospitals are placed. Moreover, those services save money and efforts for the benefit of people who have low incomes and no health security.


Many members of the first aid teams have nursing background. These members are involved in the cases which require more professionalism such as Diabetes test and injection.


The number of services decreased by about 30% (3661 cases in 2011) compared to 2776 cases in 2010.


For the sake of providing skills for the youth, as part of the empowerment program, PARD's first aid trainers conducted the following training courses:

Wednesday, 11 July 2012 12:46

Empowerment of Youth

Our goal is to promote youth development by encouraging youth to acquire the proper, cognitive, democratic and social skills especially related to health and environment that would consequently enable them to participate, plan and make conscious decisions concerning their lives and surroundings.


PARD believes in the concept that youth participation is the rightful involving of youth in responsible, challenging actions that meets genuine needs clearly seen within the local communities.


The youth should be allowed planning and decision making opportunities that can prepare them to understand that choices they take up have impacts that can affect them and others as well. Their constructive participation could lead into a positive chain or reaction that will be both manifested on them and other communities.


Investing in youth development is an integral part of any development or social change plan anyone wishes to embark on. Without the youth understanding, involvement and ‘positive’ knowledge to their context the aspirations of a community can be lost or get vague. Therefore, youth persistence and participation is a must but in able to make a significant difference, the youth should be educated and supported.



  • Increased awareness, education and communication skills among Palestinian youth.
  • Increased participation of youth at local communities.
  • Enhanced communication and exchange with other local, regional and international communities.
Tuesday, 10 July 2012 12:15

Women Rights Campaigns

PARD participated in 2 workshops:


-          2-3-4 June 2011: A workshop on "Participation of women in Political and Public Life" sponsored by NPA (Norwegian People's Aid).

-          10-11 June 2011: An international conference on " Role of women, women NGO's and movements in transitional processes towards democracy" sponsored by Najdeh.


These 2 workshops were considered as a step to coordinate with the Lebanese and Palestinian women NGO's on campaigns related to rights.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012 12:12


On the 2nd of September 2011, a meeting was held between women committees from 13 gatherings (180 women) on a riverside in Qasmiyeh (Jal Al Baher, Naher Al Samer, Maashouk, Shabriha, Burghuliyeh, Qasmiyeh, Aitaniyeh, Wasta, Kfar Badda, Jim Jeem, Said Ghawash, Gaza Buildings, Daouk). The results of the meeting were:


-          Announcement of the need to form a network among women committees and a flyer was distributed among them to explain the aim of the network, suggested activities and its organizational structure. Then in a brainstorming session, several names were suggested and discussed the Eid b Eid (Hand by Hand) was decided upon through voting. Then each committee nominated 2 of their members to become members of the committee.

-          Certificates were given to the women who had attended previous workshops and training on empowerment with PARD.

-          Special ID's with the logo of PARD were also distributed for them to be used in public meetings.

-          It was decided that the members of the network will meet regularly to discuss the needs.


The meeting was concluded with a celebration that included singing, dancing and eating.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012 11:46

Power Point Presentations

For the sake of training on empowerment, power point presentations were prepared on several subjects:

-       Planning for campaigns

-       Participation in public and political life

-       Micro

-       Empowerment of women in reproductive health

-       Participation and preparation for married life



Power point Presentations:


For the sake of training on health education, power point presentations were prepared on several subjects:

-          Reproductive system for men + prostate gland

-          Reproductive system for women

-          Puberty

-          Early marriage

-          Safe motherhood

-          Nutrition of pregnant women

-          Menstruation

-          Genital inflammation

-          Breast cancer

-          Uterus cancer

-          Ovaries cancer

-          Development of fetus


We also prepared flyers on anemia, breast cancer and Pap smear

Tuesday, 10 July 2012 11:33

4 Workshops for Women

4 workshops were conducted in the South (Women Can Do It).These workshops were conducted by PARD's Community Health Workers on the subjects of :

-          Democracy and conflict resolution

-          Lobbying and networking


  1. 66Women from the South gatherings participated in these workshops.
Tuesday, 10 July 2012 11:25

Meetings with Popular Committees

Before launching the project of "Women's participation in Political and Public life" several meetings were held with the popular committees in the South gatherings to introduce the idea of the project. All the popular committees agreed with the concept and encouraged the work performed on the project.


During December 2011, a graduation party for the 66 local women from the South gatherings who attended 4 workshops (democracy, conflict resolution, lobbying and networking) took place. In this event, 21 men representing the South gatherings attended to express their approval and encouragement for the participation of women in public life of their gatherings. Attendances included the general coordinator of the popular committees in the South, heads and members of popular committees, local mayors, members of mosque committee and civil committees who work parallel to the popular committees in the gatherings. This meeting is considered the first (as general meeting) of many to come through the year 2012. General meetings with the popular committees in Jal Al Baher, Nahr Al Samer and Beirut will be held in the second half of 2012.

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